Brizzy Bagz - Just Words EP

Just Words EP download

This project depicts the coming of age of a young talented black man from the East Rand, Gauteng. Witness a lyrically indisputable conscious rapper transition into a fully fledged artist, exploring a diverse variety of different sounds, genres and story-lines. Throughout the duration of this compilation you develop a clearer image of who Brizzy Bagz is, both as an artist and an influential human being.

This project exhibits an intense level of darkness which may be owing to the fact that every song was kept unmixed and unmastered in order to stay in line with the constant direction of the sound and "keep it raw" so to speak. All the music created was a direct representation of a single mans views, observations and experiences while on the long journey of self discovery.
Special thanks to all the sound engineers, producers and artists who worked with me on the Just words EP:

Geek the herb, Clumzy, LEBO MATHOPA PRODUCTIONS, Nino_UA, Joachim, Sigh Nkosi

Song Play Download
01. Real friends Download
02. Broke mans thoughts (Prod by- Clumzy) Download
03. Hype Download
04. Come alive (INTERLUDE) Prod. by- Joachim Download
05. Beer garden [Prod.By ClumzY] Download
06. Dreamers Revenge (Prod by- Clumzy) Download
07. Here we go (Prod by- Clumzy) Download
08. Club Scene (ft. Sigh) (Prod by- Clumzy) Download
09. ER (ft.Sigh x Nino) (Prod by- Clumzy) Download