X.O_Xphonic - Who Am I EP

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The Ep conveys sounds that inspire me whereby i went for a couple of different type of sounds in which i come a long way with. The sounds in which of tech an a new flavor within deep house flaming the streets with keys an a sick bassline patterns called Amapiano.

Within my broadcast Temptation sounds, this is my first Ep and the 4 first tech tracks come from an inspiration of pads chords an a emotional baseline in which the first track has to touch the heart an the mind but the second track had to bring flavor of drums mixed with chords,but blossoming a rhythm out of the track which also has a great effect on the bod ,but far most its about taking the mind in to space through the elements of tech which electrifies the body. The third track was about sending a message to the world on uniting as one within Martin Luther King Jr's message on having a dream one day whereby it's accompanied by chords an pad that trys to take you into another world with a mixture of drums just to electrify the track. The fourth track comes from a mature Sound which i was inspired by a friend's Sound who goes by the name KasMeek beatronix ,hence the track is contributed to him. Even though the Elements an the arrangement is different to how he does them, the track still bring a Euphoria feel like he does.

The second last two tracks bring out sounds of keys mixed with a little bit of  chords sending out my message to the streets on how is my perspective on music being being the answer an how am not limited as an individual on how i bought the two sounds under one umbrella of deep house music.

Song Play Download
01 Roland Clark - Feel Da Rhythm (Djay XOs Charged UP Remake) Download
02 Double Faced(Original Dub Duplex) Download
03 Dream Faith Pray And Freedom(The Duplex Spoken Words Experience) Download
04 Dancing in The Dark(Tribute To KasMeek Beatronix) Download
05 Lerato(Original Kota) Download
06 No believers(Original Duplex Kota) Download