Sly Freedy Juliano - Here To Compete! EP

Here To Compete EP Download

This is a free Extended Project (EP) containing 13 tracks. Various Producer's beats were used on a non-profit promotional basis.

Take a trip inside my mindset as you listen to this project and enjoy the lyrical content, flows and blissful vibes it presents :-)

Song Play Download
01. Home [Prod. Beatowski] Download
02. Here To Compete! [Prod.Abel Petit] Download
03. Tingle [Prod. Homage] Download
04. Incomplete [Prod. M.Fasol] Download
05. Miss Sunshine [Prod. Tom Misch] Download
06. Peaches (Interlude) [Prod. Twists] Download
07. Eye Got You Pt. 1 [Prod. B.Young] Download
08. DIA [Prod. M.Fasol] Download
09. First Break (Skit) [Prod. Profound Beats] Download
10. Plumbs [Prod. MiiKy] Download
11. Eye Got You Pt. 2 [Prod. CorMill] Download
12. Planet RokKk Transmission [Prod. False Ego] Download
13. In My Bag (Freestyle) [Prod. KrooksNKops] Download